• Another Day at Wm Wheats

    Today the team were at Wm Wheats.

    We set three nets and had a number of species:

    Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Great Tit, Blue tit, Chaffinch, Coal tit, Robin and these two cracking Goldcrest.

    One of them was already ringed by a local ringer about 1.5 miles away on 05/11/2014

    Lots of Redwing overhead & a regular flock of 40+ Goldfinch, which may visit our feeding station during colder weather.

  • Roost time

    This evening we were joined by 3 friends from Shropshire for a catch on the reed bunting and starling roost at Belvide. In the end we caught 18 new reed bunting, 7 starling and a single wren. Once again there were every few reed bunting retraps. More new birds to come over the next few weeks whilst the site remains accessible.

  • Trying something new...

    But it doesn't always work out the way you hope. Tonight a couple of us were trying out a new redwing roost site at Wolseley Bridge. Sadly only 9 birds were caught, of which only 1 was a redwing. Thankfully they are stunning birds.

  • A Morning at Wheats

    On Tuesday 4th November the team visited Wm Wheat & Son for an early morning ringing session.

    In total 36 new birds were ringed and a number of retraps caught

    Species ringed were:

    Greenfinch, Coal Tit, Wren, Dunnock, Goldcrest, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Robin & Chaffinch

    One of the blue tits was already ringed and we believe it by a another local ringer but will keep you updated

    We are looking forward to our ringing demo here on Saturday 13th December 2014 8am-12pm, we hope to see you there (ws9opu)

  • Suggested reading

    Have you seen the BTO Demog Blog post about our blackcap we caught in Portugal? Take a look using the link below.


  • Feeding up in the morning

    For today's catch we were on Cannock Chase at a feeding station. Totals for today were 56 birds made up of 2 greenfinch, 17 goldcrest, 1 wren, 7 coal tit, 6 chaffinch, 1 bullfinch, 13 great tit, 3 redpoll, 1 robin, 5 blue tit.

    There seemed to be a distinct lack of redpoll and redwing around, whereas last time we were here the were hundred. Maybe the weather is allowing them to feed on more natural food sources, or they've moved back north to escape the barmy temperatures?

  • Aren't starling gorgeous?

    A team assembled at Belvide Reservoir for another catch at the reed bunting roost, with one eye on the starlings that use the reedbed too. An enjoyable evening ended with 28 reed bunting and 7 starling, adding to our total from last time.

    Starlings can be a bit like marmite, you either love them or hate them. Well up close, I'd challenge you not to love the colours of the plumage at the very least!

  • First roost of the season

    We've been at Belvide starting on the reed bunting roost in one of the reedbeds where reed bunting and starling regularly roost. In previous years we've caught several hundred reed bunting over several weeks but very few retraps from the same period of time, suggesting a bird turn over in the number of birds using the roost.

    This evening we caught 35 new birds, plus 2 starling out of a small murmuration which dropped into the reeds. More to come over the following weeks!

  • Can't get enough Mipits!

    After spending a couple of weeks in northern Norway ringing literally hundreds of Meadow Pipits--were are mainly engaged in ringing the same species as they move through our patch. This usually takes place over about a month from now until early October. We have ringed 48 so far but our hope are high for many more. We know very little about where they originate--or where they are destined. We think they spend the winter mostly to the north of the Med but lets hope we get some controls to find out. Most warblers have moved on from Belvide--except a few Chiffchaff. We would like a good number of Blackcaps feeding on berries but there are none about although my friend in Worcester caught a decent number today--there's still hope of a push through.

  • Belvide 3rd September

    Another cracking day at Belvide with a new tick for the group

    Robin 4, Dunnock 2, Chiffchaff 7, Reed Warbler 8, Sedge Warbler 1, Blackcap 1, Wren 1, Goldcrest 1, Chaffinch 1, Reed Bunting 1, Long-tailed Tit 3, Great Tit 3, Whitethroat 1, Blue Tit 1 and the Star bird of the day Long eared Owl 1.



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